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At CrEd, we are revolutionising education by harnessing the power of drama and the creative arts to cultivate holistic learning experiences and equip individuals of all ages with essential 21st-century life skills as recommended by the World Economic Forum.

We believe in educational equity and excellence, and our programmes are designed to contribute directly to the wider educational systems and society as a whole.

CrEd - Our mission

Our Mission

  • To provide a cutting-edge platform for holistic education and personal growth through drama and the creative arts.
  • To foster educational equity and excellence by empowering individuals from all backgrounds to thrive.
  • To challenge the status quo and drive innovation in education, creating a brighter future for learners of all ages.

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Are you ready to be part of the educational revolution? Join us in reshaping the future of learning.

Together, we can create a world where creativity, innovation, and 21st-century skills are at the heart of education.

Take action today and embark on a transformative journey with CrEd!

CrEd Corporate
We provide training programmes that utilise theatre techniques to empower participants, enhance skills, and drive success in the workplace.
CrEd Early Learning Solutions
Early Learning Solutions
A full-time, creative pre-primary school to ignite exploration, foster independent thinkers and promote collaborative learning for lifelong success. Home-schooling kits are also available.
CrEd Events
Dynamic events such as holiday programmes, public speaking competitions and even Shakespeare competitions unlock potential, instil confidence, and promote personal growth and learning.
CrEd For Life
For Life
Our carefully designed drama programmes for all age groups, including adults, develop creativity, communication skills, collaboration, and critical thinking to enhance overall confidence.
CrEd Language development
Language Development
Our unique progressive programme uses the immersive experience of learning English through the performance arts.
CrEd online
This innovative course combines cutting-edge technology with the enchantment of theatre, bringing you an unparalleled experience from the comfort of your own home.
CrEd For Schools
for Schools
We provide bespoke workshops, bringing literary works and Shakespeare to life by using innovative theatrical techniques.
CrEd Teacher Enrichment
Teacher Enrichment
Our mission is to empower schools and educators to embrace 21st Century Skills to create dynamic learning environments that inspire and engage students.
CrEd Stage
These are exciting and enriching acting programmes designed to enhance the skills and confidence of young people and adults in the world of theatre and performance.