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Drama programme for all age-groups

CrEd For Life

Welcome to Creative Education International's Drama Programme! At CrEd, we believe in nurturing 21st Century skills which include communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. A natural outcome of our teaching is the development of overall confidence in our students. Our carefully designed programmes cater to different age groups, ensuring that each participant receives age-appropriate training and development opportunities. Let's explore the unique offerings within each age group: 

CrEd Little & Large: 1-2 years

Our Toddler programme, CrEd Little & Large, is a wonderful opportunity for young children to explore the world of drama alongside their adult companions. Through interactive play, storytelling, and imaginative exercises, toddlers develop their communication skills, creativity, and confidence. This programme provides a supportive environment for toddlers to express themselves, engage in collaborative activities, and ignite their passion for the performing arts.

CrEd Minis: 3-5 years

The CrEd Minis programme is specially designed for kindergarten-aged children. Through drama-based activities, storytelling, and role-playing, our young participants develop their communication skills while enhancing their creativity and critical thinking abilities. Within this safe and encouraging environment, children learn to collaborate with their peers, gaining confidence in expressing their ideas and emotions through dramatic play.

Junior CrEd: 6-8 years

Junior CrEd offers an exciting drama programme that fosters the 5 Cs in our youngest performers. Through imaginative improvising, storytelling, and age-appropriate theatre exercises, children develop their communication skills, unleash their creativity, and learn the value of collaboration. By engaging in dramatic activities, our young performers build their confidence and gain a solid foundation in drama and performance.

Senior CrEd: 9-12 years

The Senior CrEd programme is an advanced performance arts programme. Participants delve deeper into the world of drama, exploring character development, script analysis, and stagecraft. Through collaborative projects, improvisation exercises, and scene work, students enhance their communication skills, ignite their creativity, and develop critical thinking abilities. This programme provides a platform for students to showcase their talents, build self-assurance, and nurture their love for the performing arts.

CrEd Youth: 13-18 years

CrEd Youth is our drama programme designed for ages 13-18. This comprehensive programme focuses on advanced acting techniques, script interpretation, and stage presence. Participants are challenged to think critically, collaborate with their peers, and develop their unique artistic voice. Through intensive training, students refine their communication skills, harness their creativity, and build the confidence necessary for impactful performances.

CrEd Adults

Our CrEd Adults programme is tailored for individuals seeking to enhance their public speaking and communication skills, while also exploring the world of theatre arts. Through specialised workshops and training sessions, participants develop effective communication techniques, learn to engage and captivate an audience, and build confidence in public speaking. This programme provides a supportive environment for adults to refine their skills and express themselves creatively.

CrEd on Stage - Showcasing Student Development

Throughout the year, all age groups have the opportunity to participate in CrEd on Stage productions. These carefully crafted productions showcase the growth and development of our students in a professional theatrical setting. Each production highlights the communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills nurtured within our programme. These performances serve as a testament to the progress and achievements of our students, instilling a sense of pride and accomplishment.

CrEd Showcase - Celebrating Creativity

In addition to CrEd on Stage productions, our students also have the chance to participate in CrEd Showcase workshops. These workshops provide a platform for students to present their creative projects, monologues, or scenes to their family and friends. CrEd Showcase celebrates the breadth of creativity and skills developed through our curriculum, providing an opportunity for students to shine and share their artistic journey with their loved ones.

Join us at Creative Education International and become part of an inspiring community that fosters communication, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and confidence through the power of drama. Enrol your child in our drama programme or embark on your own journey of growth and self-expression with CrEd Adults. Experience the transformative power of drama and unlock your full potential!