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Bespoke workshops for schools

At CrEd for Schools, we are committed to providing exceptional educational experiences that foster the development of essential skills for students. Our bespoke workshops are designed to enhance the 4 Cs of CrEd - communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. Overall confidence is a natural outcome of the classes we teach. By integrating these elements into our offerings, we empower students to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Our bespoke workshops cover a wide array of subjects, including student leadership, creative writing, storytelling, and many more. These interactive sessions not only engage students but also encourage them to express themselves, think innovatively, and communicate effectively. By participating in these programmes, students gain valuable skills that will benefit them throughout their academic journey and beyond.


Famous works of literature brought to life through drama

One of our flagship programmes, Page to Stage, brings famous works of literature to life through the power of drama. We firmly believe that literature is not just meant to be read, but also experienced. Through immersive workshops and performances, students have the opportunity to delve into the world of literature, explore complex characters, and develop a deeper understanding of the text. Page to Stage ignites their creativity, encourages collaboration, and nurtures critical thinking skills, all while instilling a newfound confidence in their abilities.


Making Shakespeare accessible through acting workshops

In addition, we have The Shakespeare Studio, a unique initiative aimed at making Shakespeare accessible and engaging for students. Through acting workshops, students are introduced to the timeless works of the Bard. By embodying the characters and unravelling the rich tapestry of Shakespearean language, students develop a profound appreciation for the beauty and depth of his plays. The Shakespeare Studio not only enhances their understanding of literature but also cultivates their communication skills, fosters creativity, and nurtures their ability to think critically.

We invite schools to join us on this transformative educational journey. By incorporating CrEd programmes into your curriculum, you are providing your students with unparalleled opportunities to develop the essential skills they need to succeed in today's world. Let CrEd for Schools be your partner in creating a dynamic and enriching learning environment.

Take action now and bring the power of CrEd to your school. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and discover how our programmes can inspire and empower your students. Together, let's shape a brighter future through education.