Become a qualified Speech and Drama Teacher with CrEd International

Become a qualified Speech and Drama Teacher with CrEd International

Are you ready to elevate your teaching skills and unlock new opportunities in the realm of performance arts education? Look no further! CrEd International is proud to introduce the ATCL and LTCL Teachers Training Courses in collaboration with Trinity College London, available in select countries across Africa. 

Why Choose ATCL and LTCL Teaching Courses?

 🔹 Comprehensive Curriculum: 

These courses are tailored for individuals leading group and individual classes in diverse settings, focusing on teaching techniques across various drama forms. 

🔹 Professional Development: 

Gain valuable insights into evaluating knowledge and honing practical classroom skills to excel in your teaching journey. 

🔹 Flexible Learning: 

Courses are designed to accommodate working professionals, with classes conducted via Zoom and lasting between 1 to 1½ hours, depending on class size. 

Key Course Details:

🔹 ATCL (Associate): A one-year course 

🔹 LTCL (Licentiate): Also a one-year course, consisting of three units 

🔹 Fees: $300 per term per student for 2024

🔹Trinity Exam Fees: Additional and vary by country, to be discussed with CrEd Exam Centre in your country. 

🔹 Course Duration: Can be shortened to 1½ years based on qualifications and teaching experience 

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria:

Candidates will develop skills to engage effectively in teaching environments, demonstrate creativity in teaching methods, and reflect critically on their practice. The assessment standards align with Level 6 on the Regulated Qualifications Framework, ensuring a high level of professionalism and subject knowledge.

Join Us in September 2024!

Contact your nearest branch in Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, or Namibia to enrol in these transformative Speech and Drama Teachers’ Training courses. Let’s embark on a journey of excellence and innovation together! 

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