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CrEd Accra

CrEd Accra

Welcome to CrEd Accra, where we offer a range of innovative programmes designed to enrich the educational experience.

  • CrEd Drama
  • CrEd Musical
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About CrEd Accra

CrEd Head/s: Vivian Boateng

Vivian Boateng is the CrEd Head for Accra. She is a former Lecturer at the Department of Theatre Arts, University of Ghana. She owns a performing Arts Academy that is focused on empowering children and young people to become the best version of themselves. She has over a decade of experience working with children of all backgrounds.

As the head of Creative Education (CrEd) in Accra, her goal is to use the drama and musical theatre classes to empower the next generation of leaders in schools and private studios, developing their communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking abilities. Through engaging activities, our organisation equips children and young people to fully express themselves, develop and become well-rounded individuals.

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