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Welcome to CrEd East London, where we offer a range of innovative programmes designed to enrich the educational experience.

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About CrEd East London

CrEd Head/s: Victoria Harrison

The establishment of a musical theatre program in East London would be a natural extension of Victoria Harrison’s 20-year dedication to fostering creativity and drama in the community. With her passion for music and extensive experience in the arts scene, Victoria is well-equipped to lead such a program and provide aspiring performers with a platform to showcase their talents. By combining the elements of drama and music, this new initiative would offer a unique and enriching experience for participants, further enhancing the cultural landscape of East London. Victoria’s proven track record of supporting local talent and her commitment to nurturing creativity make her the ideal candidate to spearhead this exciting new venture.

Cred Musical will be a first of its kind in East London – where there is a great surge in our cultural side of education. Through this wonderful programme we will be encouraging creativity, boosting confidence and nurturing life skills.

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