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Welcome to CrEd Hyderabad, where we offer a range of innovative programmes designed to enrich the educational experience.

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About CrEd Hyderabad

CrEd Head/s: Noor Farishta

Noor Mohammed Farishta is an esteemed franchisee of CrEd in Hyderabad, India. With a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Madras University and certifications in NLP, brain-based coaching, and soft skills training, Noor brings a wealth of experience and qualifications to his role. He has a strong background in performance coaching and behavioural skills facilitation, making him the perfect fit to lead CrEd’s corporate programs in Hyderabad. Noor’s expertise and passion for empowering individuals and organisations through transformative training make him a valuable asset to the CrEd team.

CrEd Training International offers a range of corporate programmes that are designed to revolutionise training and development in organisations. By incorporating theatre techniques, improvisation, and storytelling, CrEd creates an immersive learning environment that enhances essential skills such as effective communication, teamwork, and adaptability. Through their unique approach, CrEd Training empowers individuals and teams to unlock their full potential and drive organisational growth and success. With Noor at the helm of CrEd’s corporate programmes in Hyderabad, transformative results are expected as he tailors the CrEd curriculum to meet the specific needs of organisations, leveraging the power of performance to create impactful learning experiences.

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