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Welcome to CrEd Morocco, where we offer a range of innovative programmes designed to enrich the educational experience.

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About CrEd Morocco

CrEd Head/s: Houda Farrahe

Houda Farrahe is a highly accomplished individual with a deep passion for drama and theatre. With a Master’s degree in Theatre Studies and years of experience as an actress and director, she has dedicated her life to promoting artistic expression and personal growth. Houda’s expertise extends beyond the stage as she possesses exceptional management skills and a strong commitment to education. As the founder and director of CrEd, an esteemed theatre academy in Morocco, she has transformed the lives of countless individuals by providing them with opportunities to explore their creativity, develop essential life skills, and gain confidence. Houda’s linguistic abilities have also allowed her to expand the reach of CrEd by translating the curriculum into French, ensuring that French-speaking participants can fully engage in the school’s offerings.

CrEd, Creative Education International, under Houda’s leadership, has become a leading institution in the Moroccan arts and education scene. Beyond offering regular theatre workshops and programmes for individuals of all ages, the organisation has also ventured into corporate training. Recognising the importance of effective communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity in the professional world, Houda has developed specialised training modules tailored to the needs of professionals. These programmes have helped numerous companies enhance their employees’ skills, enabling them to thrive in today’s competitive business environment. Through her unwavering dedication and passion for theatre, combined with her exceptional management skills and commitment to education, Houda has made CrEd a beacon of artistic expression and personal growth in Morocco.

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