Celebrating Alan Montanaro: A Legacy of Excellence and a New Chapter with CrEd

Celebrating Alan Montanaro: A Legacy of Excellence and a New Chapter with CrEd

We at CrEd are filled with immense pride and admiration as we celebrate the illustrious career of Alan Montanaro, our esteemed Director. Recently, Alan made the heartfelt decision to pass the torch of Malta Drama to David Hirst, the school’s current Principal. David’s appointment marks the continuation of Malta Drama’s legacy, ensuring that the passion and dedication instilled by Alan will flourish under new leadership.

Alan Montanaro’s contributions to the performing arts scene in Malta are nothing short of legendary. Over the last 20 years, his relentless efforts in fostering talent in children and adults have culminated in the establishment of one of the largest and most respected performance arts schools in Europe. Parents have consistently praised his dedication to nurturing their children’s skills in drama, dance, singing, and musical theatre.

Looking ahead, one of Alan’s exciting projects is the integration of Trinity College exams into the CrEd curriculum. This move underscores his vision to elevate educational standards and bring CrEd to the forefront of international performance arts education.

While Malta Drama bids a bittersweet farewell to Alan Montanaro, we celebrate his extraordinary impact and welcome his undivided focus on CrEd’s international development. His leadership—anchored in principles of collaboration, development, kindness, and compassion—will now guide and inspire CrEd franchisees worldwide, helping them celebrate their unique contributions and thrive within their communities.

Alan Montanaro’s legacy is one of passion, innovation, and a lifelong devotion to the performing arts. As he embarks on this new journey with CrEd, we are excited to witness the continued growth and success that his exceptional vision will undoubtedly bring.

Here’s to Alan Montanaro—a true architect of dreams and a beacon of inspiration. Thank you for your monumental contributions, and we look forward to the incredible future that lies ahead for CrEd under your leadership.