CrEd Empowers Children Through Drama Workshop at Sauti Kuu Foundation in Kenya

CrEd Empowers Children Through Drama Workshop at Sauti Kuu Foundation in Kenya

In a recent two-day workshop titled “Theatre for Development: From Page to Stage – Empowering Children and the Youth,” hosted at the Sauti Kuu Foundation in Alego, Kenya, children and teenagers were immersed in a transformative experience, discovering their voices and narratives through the dynamic medium of drama.

Mrs. Vivian Boateng, the CrEd Head of Creative Education International (CrEd) from Accra, Ghana, joined forces with the Foundation to guide participants through a series of engaging games and exercises designed to unlock their potential and cultivate vital skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

The workshop commenced with a focus on self-affirmation, as participants selected positive adjectives to describe themselves, laying the groundwork for a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. By adapting Meshack Asare’s novel “Sosu’s Call” into a theatrical performance, attendees not only delved into character analysis but also explored themes of courage, determination, resilience, and inclusion.

A standout feature of the workshop was the strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration, with participants working together to interpret the story in innovative ways. This collaborative spirit not only breathed life into the narrative but also provided emerging leaders with opportunities to demonstrate their skills and assume roles of responsibility within their respective groups.

The transformative power of drama as a catalyst for personal growth and teamwork was palpable as participants grasped the value of collective effort in translating visions into reality. The workshop culminated in a sense of empowerment and newfound confidence among the attendees, who were encouraged to see themselves as influential voices within their communities.

Mrs. Vivian Boateng extended her appreciation to Dr. Auma Obama and the dedicated team at the Sauti Kuu Foundation for their unwavering dedication to empowering youth and moulding future leaders. This workshop stands as a testament to the significance of providing children with avenues to develop essential skills and unearth their potential through creative expression.

As the children of the Sauti Kuu Foundation continue to explore their “Sauti Kuu-Powerful Voice,” the profound impact of initiatives like these in nurturing young minds and fostering leadership qualities is undeniable. CrEd expresses gratitude to Mrs. Vivian Boateng and the Foundation for spearheading programs that prioritise self-discovery, teamwork, and creativity, ultimately making a substantial difference in the lives of children and teenagers, empowering them to become catalysts for change within their communities and beyond. The commitment of such inspired individuals running international performance arts schools across Africa is truly commendable.