Revolutionising Corporate Training using Theatre Arts in Kenya

Revolutionising Corporate Training using Theatre Arts in Kenya

In today’s crazy business landscape, organisations are recognising the importance of equipping their employees with essential skills that go beyond technical expertise. Communication skills, collaboration, critical thinking, and creative thinking have emerged as crucial competencies for success in the workplace. CrEd, Creative Training International, is at the forefront of revolutionising corporate training by leveraging theatre arts to develop these essential skills. This blog post explores the impact of CrEd’s programmes worldwide, with a special focus on CrEd Kenya’s transformative initiatives in team cohesion and communication skills.

The Shift from Soft Skills to Essential Skills:

Research conducted by the World Economic Forum and other reputable organisations highlights the significance of essential skills in the modern workplace. These skills, often referred to as “soft skills,” are anything but soft in their impact on business success. CrEd recognises the need to reframe these competencies as ESSENTIAL SKILLS, emphasising their critical nature in driving productivity, innovation, and customer service excellence.

CrEd’s Innovative Approach:

CrEd’s unique approach to corporate training involves integrating theatre arts techniques into their programs. By harnessing the power of drama, improvisation, role-playing, and storytelling, CrEd creates immersive learning experiences that engage participants on multiple levels. This dynamic methodology enables employees to develop and enhance their essential skills in a practical and enjoyable manner.

Benefits of Theatre Arts in Corporate Training:

1. Communication Skills: Theatre arts techniques promote effective verbal and non-verbal communication, enhancing clarity, empathy, active listening, and persuasive abilities. Participants learn to adapt their communication style to different audiences and situations, fostering stronger relationships and collaboration within the workplace.

2. Collaboration: Theatre arts inherently require teamwork, encouraging participants to work together, trust one another, and embrace diverse perspectives. Through interactive exercises and group performances, employees develop a deeper understanding of the value of collaboration and learn to leverage collective strengths to achieve common goals.

3. Critical Thinking: Theatre arts demand quick thinking, adaptability, and problem-solving skills. Participants learn to think on their feet, make decisions under pressure, and creatively respond to unexpected situations. These experiences cultivate agility and resourcefulness, enabling employees to approach challenges with confidence and innovation.

4. Creative Thinking: Theatre arts unleash the imagination and encourage participants to think outside the box. Through improvisation and creative exercises, employees develop their ability to generate innovative ideas, explore new perspectives, and find unique solutions to complex problems. This fosters a culture of creativity and adaptability within organisations.

CrEd Kenya’s Impact:

Under the leadership of Amar and Jinita Desai, CrEd Kenya has been instrumental in transforming the training landscape on the African continent. By implementing CrEd’s latest programmes in team cohesion and communication skills, they have empowered some of Africa’s largest corporations to enhance their productivity and customer service.

Through tailored workshops, immersive simulations, and engaging performances, CrEd Kenya has helped organisations in Kenya and beyond to unlock the full potential of their employees. By instilling essential skills through theatre arts, CrEd Kenya has witnessed remarkable improvements in employee engagement, collaboration, and overall organisational performance.


CrEd’s innovative use of theatre arts in corporate training is revolutionising the way businesses develop essential skills among their employees. As research emphasises the critical nature of these competencies, it is essential to recognise them as essential skills rather than soft skills. CrEd Kenya’s impactful initiatives further exemplify the transformative power of theatre arts in enhancing team cohesion, communication skills, and overall business success. By embracing this approach, organisations can unlock the full potential of their workforce and thrive in the ever-evolving corporate landscape.