CrEd Pre-Primary Schools: Igniting a Love for Learning and Success

CrEd Pre-Primary Schools: Igniting a Love for Learning and Success

Welcome to CrEd Pre-Primary Schools, an exciting venture by Creative Education International (CrEd) that aims to revolutionise early education. Our innovative approach, inspired by the renowned Reggio Emilia philosophy, focuses on nurturing creativity, building confidence, fostering collaboration, and developing critical thinking skills in young learners.

Already with a huge reputation in India, under the banner CrEd this amazing concept for creative education is being rolled out throughout the world.

For Parents:

At CrEd Pre-Primary Schools, we understand the importance of laying a strong foundation for your child’s educational journey. Our dedicated team of teachers, trained in the Reggio Emilia approach, create a stimulating environment where your child’s natural curiosity is encouraged, and their unique talents are celebrated.

We go beyond traditional education by empowering children with the essential skills they need for the future. Through our innovative curriculum, your child will develop effective communication skills, unleash their creativity, learn to collaborate with their peers, and cultivate critical thinking abilities. We believe in preparing children for a lifetime of learning and success.

Unlock your child’s full potential by enrolling them in CrEd Pre-Primary Schools. Join us on an extraordinary educational adventure where exploration, independent thinking, and collaborative learning are at the heart of everything we do.

For Franchisees:

Are you passionate about early education and dream of setting up your own preschool? CrEd Pre-Primary Schools offers an exciting franchise opportunity that allows you to bring our exceptional programme to your community.

As a CrEd franchisee, you will receive comprehensive support from our experienced team. We provide a complete curriculum and ready-to-use lesson plans, rooted in the Reggio Emilia method. Our curriculum encourages creativity, builds confidence, fosters collaboration, and develops critical thinking skills in young learners.

We believe in your success, which is why we offer year-round training and monitoring to ensure you have the knowledge and skills to deliver outstanding education. Our team will conduct regular visits to support you in maintaining quality standards.

Building your brand and reaching your target audience is made easier with our guidance in developing an effective marketing strategy. We provide all the necessary resources, including toys, equipment, and books, to facilitate a quick and seamless setup process.

Join our network of successful franchisees and make a lasting impact in early education. Partner with CrEd Pre-Primary Schools and embark on an exciting journey of entrepreneurship and education.

Powered By Associations:

If you are a mainline school seeking to enhance your curriculum and training, CrEd offers a Powered By mode of operation. Benefit from our curriculum support and training expertise inspired by the renowned Reggio Emilia approach. Together, we can collaborate to bring the best educational experience to your students.

At CrEd Pre-Primary Schools, we are committed to providing an extraordinary educational experience that prepares children for a lifetime of learning and success. Join us in igniting a love for learning, fostering creativity, and developing critical skills in young minds.

Contact us now to explore the creative possibilities in CrEd and be part of our mission to revolutionise early education.

Together, let’s shape the future of education.