Shaping the Future of Education at CrEd Pre-Primary Schools with Archana Dange

Shaping the Future of Education at CrEd Pre-Primary Schools with Archana Dange

Archana Dange, the Director of Pre-Primary School Operations at Creative Education International (CrEd) Pre-Primary Schools, is an extraordinary individual who has left an indelible mark on the field of education. With an impressive 30-year career in education, including 14 years dedicated to preschool education, Mrs. Dange has become an inspiration and a driving force for positive change.

Mrs. Dange’s educational journey began with a Masters Degree in Zoology, which laid the foundation for her deep-rooted passion for environmental education. Her dedication in this field led to her selection for a prestigious UN-sponsored Environmental Education Programme at the Centre for Environment Education in Ahmedabad. During her time there, she specialised in environmental education and recognised the importance of instilling a sense of responsibility towards the environment in young learners.

Archana’s expertise and commitment to educational excellence have been recognised by renowned institutions around the world. She was chosen as one of the Indian representatives for the International Visitor Program (IVP) of the United States Information Service (USIS). This opportunity allowed her to spend three months as a diplomat in the US, visiting various educational institutions and gaining valuable insights into different approaches and methodologies.

Aside from her academic accomplishments, Mrs. Dange is a Cherie Blair Alumni and an author with Oxford University Press, contributing to the development of Kindergarten and Primary textbooks. Her knowledge and experience in curriculum development have played a crucial role in the success of Cred Pre-primary schools.

Archana firmly believes in the power of creativity in education and advocates for the incorporation of storytelling, music, and theatre into the learning process. She understands that a holistic approach, which includes outdoor and hands-on learning, is essential for a child’s overall development. This belief fuels her dedication to working closely with preschools across the country, constantly striving to improve and innovate in the field.

Mrs. Dange’s enthusiasm for education extends beyond national borders. She has traveled to Norway and Greece to explore different educational systems, sharing her experiences through presentations and papers. Her international exposure has allowed her to incorporate global best practices into the curriculum of Cred Pre-primary schools, ensuring that children receive a comprehensive and well-rounded education.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions, Archana Dange was honoured with “The Woman in Green Business Award” by the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board for her exceptional work in Solid Waste Management. This award not only highlights her commitment to making a positive impact within education but also emphasises her broader community involvement.

Archana’s extensive experience, passion for education, and dedication to innovative teaching methods make her an exceptional and inspirational figure in the field. Her contributions have shaped the development of Cred Pre-Primary Schools, ensuring that children receive a holistic, creative, and enriching educational experience.

The impact of Archana Dange’s work reaches far beyond the four walls of a classroom. Her efforts pave the way for a brighter future, where young minds are nurtured, creativity is fostered, and a sense of responsibility towards the environment is instilled. Thanks to her visionary leadership, CrEd Pre-Primary Schools are shaping the next generation of lifelong learners and change-makers.