Unleashing the Power of Performance for Corporates in Hyderabad

Unleashing the Power of Performance for Corporates in Hyderabad

CrEd, Creative Education International, is excited to announce Noor Farishta as their esteemed franchisee in Hyderabad, India. With expertise in performance coaching and behavioural skills facilitation, Noor will spearhead CrEd’s corporate programmes, revolutionising training and development. Let’s explore how Noor’s unique approach aligns with CrEd’s vision and enhances corporate training in Hyderabad.

A Dynamic Partnership
The collaboration between CrEd and Noor Mohammed Farishta marks a milestone in corporate education. CrEd, known for innovative use of theatre techniques and performance arts, has found the ideal partner in Noor, whose passion and expertise align with CrEd’s vision of transforming corporate training.

Noor’s Background and Expertise
Noor Mohammed Farishta brings experience and qualifications to his role as CrEd’s franchisee in Hyderabad. With a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Madras University and certifications in NLP, brain-based coaching, and soft skills training, Noor possesses a diverse skill set that drives the success of CrEd’s corporate programmes.

The Power of Performance in Corporate Training
CrEd’s unique approach, infused with performance arts techniques, revolutionises the learning experience. Noor’s expertise in performance coaching and integration of theatre techniques, improvisation, and storytelling create an immersive environment. Through these innovative methods, individuals develop essential skills such as effective communication, teamwork, and adaptability, enhancing their professional growth.

Transforming Organisations through CrEd’s Programmes
With Noor leading CrEd’s corporate programmes in Hyderabad, transformative results are expected. Noor’s ability to create effective systems and processes, coupled with experience in behavioural training and leadership development, tailors CrEd’s programmes to meet organisational needs. By leveraging performance arts, Noor empowers individuals and teams to unlock their full potential, driving organisational growth and success.

CrEd’s Commitment to Excellence
CrEd, committed to excellence in education and training, has selected Noor Mohammed Farishta as their franchisee in Hyderabad. Noor’s qualifications, international exposure, and passion for performance arts make him the ideal candidate to lead CrEd’s corporate programmes. With CrEd’s proven track record and Noor’s expertise, organisations in Hyderabad can expect a transformative learning experience that elevates their workforce and drives sustainable success.

The partnership between CrEd and Noor Mohammed Farishta as the franchisee in Hyderabad marks an exciting chapter in corporate training. By integrating performance arts techniques and Noor’s expertise in performance coaching, CrEd’s corporate programmes revolutionise training and development. With a shared commitment to excellence, CrEd and Noor transform the corporate training landscape in Hyderabad and throughout India, empowering individuals and organisations to unleash their full potential and achieve remarkable success.

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